Factory Tour

We offer high quality products to our clients.
Our T-shirt factory is one of the biggest manufactory in China who specialized in mercerized cotton T-shirt, each year we will develop 10 thousands new samples and produce 5 million pieces products for different brands all over the world.

Our sweater factory 

Our sweater factory is government shared enterprise where base on Shanghai; it’s specialized in knitwear for men and women. We works closely with biggest yarn supplier such like Biella Yarn, TONKY, CONSINEE, XINAO, etc by provide the finest products in China.

Our suit/blazer factory

Our suit/blazer factory is one of Chinese top 500 enterprises, a major industry which including the textile production and garment manufacturing, its comprehensive equipment level is in the leading level of the world same industry, one of the few large compact spinning fabrics production base in the world, and also one of the leading domestic modern high-grade suit production base. The company comprehensive strength is in the ranking top of the Chinese textile and garment