New Raidyboer Guerrilla Store show up in Chengdu IFS

Raidyboer Fashion Garment Co., Ltd has established a Guerrilla Store in IFS Square.
It’s located in center of Chengdu CBD, we have brought new collection here.
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Raidy Boer Group is established in 1999 who has focused on menswear (Jacket, Blaser, Coat, Suit, Shirt, Polo shirt, T-shirt, Sweater, Sweatshirt, Trousers, Jeans and Accessories, etc.) by providing comprehensive services for international brands and wholesalers, such as ODM, OEM, branding products, etc. which will bring real international brand experience to consumers and create a win-win business development environment by fulfilling the corporate vision of Leading the Fashion Industry, and committing to realizing the core value of Being a Customer-centric Fashion Leader and a human-oriented Developer to Create Value through Joint Efforts and be committed to Sustainable Development.
We have our own factories include: hoodie factory, sweatshirt factory, knitwear factory and t-shirt factory. So we produce for our own brands and provide OEM/ODM service for other apparel brands with very high quality products and services.

Post time: Mar-15-2022