Custom design high quality sublimation men’s hoodies

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This sweatshirt use soft cotton, hooded sweatshirt offer simple customized print and embroidery. Colors can be selected from us or dyed as per your request; this extremely versatile item is strongly associated with sportswear, making it perfect for workouts or leisure.

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Carded Cotton Vs Combed Cotton

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Place of Origin China
Model Number RBPZ480
Feature Breathable, Sustainable
Collar Hoodie
Material 100% cotton
Sleeve Style Long sleeve
Gender Men
Design OEM
Pattern Type Plain
Style Casual
Weaving method knitted

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We have extremely strict requirements on craftsmanship, and every process strives for perfection.

How to tell a quality of cotton fabric
“Gauging the true quality of cotton fabric is actually a lot simpler than you think, and there are just two things that you really need to know – thread count and cotton type.”
The criterion that determines the quality is the type of cotton used. The two most common types of cottons are carded cotton and fully combed cotton.
Carded cotton comes from cotton that has been harvested to make conventional cotton wool or thread, and then cleaned to remove dirts and seeds before finally being carded. The carding process separates the fibers and roughly lines them up so that they all lie in the same direction. Because the carding process is not refined, carded cotton is very rough and inconsistent in texture.
On the flipside, fully combed cotton is an extremely soft version of cotton that is made by specially combing the cotton with fine brushes to remove impurities and short cotton fibers before they are spun into yarn. Because fully combed cotton is free of short threads that stick out, dirt and impurities, it is a lot softer than carded cotton. Fully combed cotton is also stronger because the shorter and breakable fibers have been removed through the combing process.

We only use best quality fabrics.
100% Quality Inspection.
One stop services.
Business Social Compliance Initiative (BSCI).

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